HGS Contact

A new communication system is now operative; HGS Contact allows sending encrypted messages between registered users.

To register, click here or on the "SIGN UP" button and fill in the Form by adding also:

Username, formed by at least 6 letters chosen by the user to be recognized by the system;

Password, formed by at least 6 letters, of which at least two numbers either consecutive or not.

At the end of subscription and after checking the provided data, the user will receive a message on his/her email address confirming the succeeded subscription and a first contact to whom send a message.

To enter the system:

Click here or on the "LOG IN" button;

Type "Username" and "Password" as in the initial subscription, paying attention to lower an higher cases (the system is case-sensitive);

Finally click on "Login".

When the HGS Contact form appears, you can:

Send a message by clicking "Send Message" and typing the name of the receiver in the "Send To" box or by clicking on Send a Message to Holos Global System and selecting a Select Target;

Check incoming messages by clicking on the relative Username in the Received Messages section;

Look at the sent messages by clicking on "Sent Messages".

The messages can carry an attached file by clicking "Attached".

By clicking on "Delete ALL" you will cancel all messages; while by checking the box on the side of each message and the clicking "Delete CHECKED" you will cancel the selected ones.

As soon as you receive a message you will be warned by an email sent by mex@hgsgov.org on the same address you received the subscription confirmation.

The message carries Click here to enter .

By clicking on Click here to enter the HGS Contact mask will appear directly.

To enter you will just have to insert the chosen Username and Password and look at the received messages by clicking on the relative Username in the Received Messages section.